How We Work

While larger firms have the luxury of hiring a full-time experienced CMO, small to
medium (SMB) firms have to work with budget and staffing concerns. Higher-end, full
time marketing professional may not be an option even though they may need their
skillset that much more.

With Marketing Pros to GO, SMBs can now can add the advantage of outsourcing all
marketing functions on a partial basis and receive the same expertise, analysis,
judgment and insight that was once only available to larger companies. Our expert
senior marketing executives are highly qualified, experienced professionals who have
worked for a multitude of companies where they have attained impressive results.

The best part is that with this expertise, the businesses don’t have to add the large
salary of a full-time senior marketing executive to their bottom line. It is like
having your own professional marketing department at a fraction of the cost.

Bottom line . . . these professionals know how to generate a return on investment (ROI).

Are you…
• currently advertising?
• using digital marketing?
• starting a business?
• launching a new product?
• using sales material?
• using premiums?
• attending trade shows?

The program…
Our expert team will:
• Conduct a deep dive into your Business
• Develop a target audience profile
• Produce a custom marketing strategy
• Fill-in the gaps on your current team
• Execute the plan, if necessary
• Evaluate the results and make adjustments